Pull out farm wool from trunks, Fried green tomatoes, Sunscreen, Shovels and Rope, Submit grant proposal, Fire, Tomatillos. Learn how to chill out. @trust games help me out?

Days of endurance. Nights of rest. Thanks r.p.

Denim dress, Poodle in the woods, Too much internet, Chicory coffee, Eat, Write grant proposal for prison hort, Hang out with J, Freeze sweet peppers/hot peppers/corn/cousa/cauli, Farm laundry, Swim again?

Canoe, Freeze corn, green beans & nectarines, Write hh a letter, Farm laundry, Camping stuff to basement, 7 more swims before its too cold!?

Lung tincture, Freeze 5 lbs raspberries I picked, Process sweet peppers, Wine, Beans&rice&greens, Farm laundry, Call grandparents.

Skatin & Swimmin, Swimmin & Skatin. Late summer farmer weekend. Skatin & Swimmin, Swimmin & Skatin. Late summer farmer weekend.

Skatin & Swimmin, Swimmin & Skatin. Late summer farmer weekend.

Knotweed killer

Event planning with a belly ache. In reverse chronological order.

The Party: Dancing, Simple fresh food, in Boston, Lots of Toasts. Toasts tend to be better than the ceremony anyway. ottorumbles birthday: In the backyard (bundled if necessary), Fires, Whiskey, Pumpkin carving again? Its a tradition. Can we make it into a dance party? How will J dj? A late summer brunch: Upstairs neighbors, Down the street neighbors, Waffles if J wants to show off talents, Homefries, Fruit, Coffee, Roses, a table cloth Today:┬áThe difficulty of not making a list about how to be sick/heal. I call this event, “Reading on the couch and resisting to dos.”

Late Afternoon Window on Labor Day: Farm laundry, Walk with the dog, Thank you note, Work plan for Prison Garden, Eat, Bike to J by 6:45. The impossible list, my specialty.

The best things didn’t make it to the list: skateboarding, turtle pond swimming, blackberries.

Drank water out of a canola oil bottle, Camped with my mom (unrealistic), Held an impromptu meeting in a large van/gazebo with the director of Providence Parks about google maps, Confusion with people suddenly leaving, Saw my friend RB arrive over the hill from Bklyn…

Sore muscles all the time, Not looking in the mirror before I go to work, Tangible consequences for all my actions, Thinking about farm systems, Rallying morale, Eating/canning/freezing as many seconds as we can, Eating while harvesting (see: cherry tomatoes), Stretches as religion