Summer: Swim, See friends when I’m not passing out from farming exhaustion, Preserve some food (pesto/ brandied cherries/ pickled carrots…), Learn to open a beer with a random object, Get dressed up & go to Estelle’s with J…


Cherry juice, not blood. Tillie is feasting. Fang ate one stem & decided that he preferred to eat the filthy shirt I’m wearing.

Recyling, Compost, Wrap gifts for J, Dinner {Okra, Cabbage, Rice, Black-eyed peas, Orange+Beet+Ginger juice}, TV on the internet with lesbian characters, new beer from Pawtucket, Watching the sky darken.

WED: Sleeping in until 6!, Tea, Stretching, Oatmeal & Nectarines, Prison Gardens, Beer on the porch with a farmer friend?

Long stretching session, Not too much gin, TV on the internet, Waiting for the storm.

Hosting J’s side of our family in a few hours. Feed animals, Eat, Stretch, Straighten room-by-room, Pack, Grocery shop, Bakery. How to arrange this day so I don’t miss the World Cup Final?

Wash vegetables.

Wash self.


Its July: My muscles are getting tighter and tighter. My bedtime is getting earlier and earlier. Proud to be awake past eight pm. Harvesting: Cherry tomatoes, Beefsteaks, Banana peppers, Chilies, Zucchini, Summer squash, Patty pan, Cousa, Green beans, Sunflowers, Snap dragons, Chard, Basil(s), Carrots, Beets, New potatoes. Before I sleep: Eat, Scrub hands/arms, Wash face, Figure out how to get an oil change…

The other day my lover walked from Boston to my farm. 15 miles. I had just gotten back from a farmers market & she comes climbing over the stone wall with a walking stick. Amazing.

Goldens, Chioggias, Gin+Grapefruit+Mint…

Tomorrow: Walk Love to train, Pot up Gropius (the jade plant), Weed & Mulch cut flower garden, Seed sunflowers there?, Hill potatoes, Draft a budget for prison garden programming, Nap, Poodle haircut?, Wrap gifts?, Bike tires for J.

Today: Sleeping til 8, Lover’s amazing vegan Waffles w Strawberries & Blueberries, Too much coffee, Still reading In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, Folding, Hike? or New Bedford Folk Fest? or Ocean? or Gardening?

Monday: Strawberries+Coffee+Pita+Marmalade, Poodle in the park, Drive J to train, Text K., Nettle tincture, Stretches, Water/weed cut flowers, Mechanic appt, Groceries, Dishes, Prep for RI Prison Garden visits, Prep for Focus Group (agendas, drinks, desired outcomes, vision), Swim at the Y, Pack outfits for Lady Gaga

Weekend: Worked the farmers market, Cleared the side yard with J, Beers, Read In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, Vegan Kielbasa on the backyard fire, Cuke+Tomato+Kohlrabi salad, Sleeping on the kitchen floor, Waffles with our strawberries, Shopped for farm hats in Chinatown, Costa Rica Won! Penalty Kicks! Navas!, More reading, So sleepy this time of year that I pass out if I sit down anytime after 8:00 pm…