Lung tincture, Freeze 5 lbs raspberries I picked, Process sweet peppers, Wine, Beans&rice&greens, Farm laundry, Call grandparents.

Saturday: Walk in the woods at 6am, the Courtney Barnett album, Granola + Earl Grey, Apple leather with stored apples, Clean out fridge, Coffee, Steamed Beets, Stretch, Plan Soil Care Strategies workshop, Teach it, Prison Garden meeting…

Choices: Chop the fig, Xmas tree, Laundry continued, Solo movie, Business plan continued, See people?


Waiting for the Blizzard: Diner breakfast, Groceries, Wrapped up in a robe, Spice organizing, Darning, Records, Dry apples, Sort books, A letter, Elderberry, Cover myself with knit clothing & read Heart Mountain.

Wednesday: Coffee, Walk poodle in woods, Stretching, Shovel snow, Find place to stay in Georgia, Notes from yesterday’s 4-hour truck ride in a snow storm (yikes!), Call G.M., Wrap presents, Label preserves, Compost, Trash, Dry more apples, Can apple butter, Store apples in back stairwell, Boomerang donations…

Best day today: Harvesting (NapaLettuceHakureiArugulaChardKale), Sorting peppers by blush, Tractor maintenance.

Before we head to Poughkeepsie: Label all those jars of preserves, Dishes, Birthday invitation, Send land criteria to G., Email O.G., Tickets to Washington…

On hiatus to find hopefulness and strength, and also to preserve a lot of food while the season lasts. Roasted peppers, pickled plums, pickled onions, pickled green tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, more tomato sauce…

Finally. Finally. Finally.

On Friday we called it early at the farm & spent the afternoon harvesting concord grapes down the road from our upper field. I foolishly volunteered to make jam with several gallons on grapes, not knowing that people remove the skins before jamming!? TV on the internet + Peeling concord grapes last night = GOOD COMBO because I didn’t count the hours or notice my purple stained hands. Thanks J. for staying up until the wee hours with my grapey self.

Today: Breakfast, Walk poodle, Concord Grape Jam continued, Kraut, Massage, Stretch, Meds, Check Oil

First day home & solo in a few weeks. Trying to both lay low & get a bunch done. Walking the line.

Naomi Klein & Bill McKibben left me in tears. They’re calling for a massive divestment from the fossil fuel industry. The spectacle borrowed strategies from the born-again camp I attended growing up. A powerful performance even though anti-capitalism wasn’t much more than a ghost in the room.

Sprawly Saturday featuring fried foods at breakfast, a chilly picnic & exploring Hyde Park. By two-thirty it felt like the day was OVER: Why am I still awake? Why am I so thirsty? Why is it so cold? Fighting to stay awake for: Hot cocoa, Poodle haircut, Fridge cleaning, Processing 50 pounds of food from the farm, Reading scifi on the couch, Witchy candles, X-files. Oh, & dinner.

Must on Monday: Preserve persimmons (Thanks I.C.!), Poodle in the woods, Harvest composting worms, Apple cider.

Choices: Go swimming at the community center, Poodle haircut, My haircut, How to clean rugs?, Thistle tattoo appointment, Switch summer/winter clothes in/out of the trunk, Darning.

Granddad is 85 today. 8 + 5 = 13 = Its going to be a good year! To kick-off his birthday season, he’s visiting old friends and watching the gulls in Carabelle, FL, home of The World’s Smallest Police Station. This year the season is forecasted to continue through Christmas.

At our home near Franklin Park: Applesauce, Johnny Cakes, Bonnie Raitt records, Whiskey & Darning a pile of socks & sweaters. The rabbit’s ears are up & the poodle is shaking in spite of herbal sedatives. Winds are picking up. This 130-year-old house is swaying. The storm approaches.

Sunday Fun: Early morning walk, Swim in Walden Pond for M’s party, Sewing project, Freeze strawberries from the garden, Start a new book.

Business: Billz, YMCA, Phone, Return zines to Papercut.

Flying south (again) early tomorrow morning. Before we go: Wrap herbs for gifts, Gift for cousin, Gift for mom, Freeze persimmons, Leave a check for the rabbit sitter & Pack. Oof that’s a lot.

Open weekend: Add plastic layer to low tunnels, Cover mizuna, Process persimmons & lemons, Mending or sewing gifts, Dried herbs off the wall & into labeled jars, Collect leaves for compost, Wrap gifts, Laundry, Tacos.

A new experiment: Growing winter greens in a container on the porch. I seeded the mizuna in mid-October. The container is set down inside a metal trough that is filled with leaves, to keep the soil from freezing and thawing quite so much. Tonight, I watered the greens with fish emulsion, put hoops over the greens (out of spare electric wire stuck down in the soil) and covered the hoops with plastic. It will be interesting to see how long the greens survive/continue to grow. Now I’m feeling raw, just back from a cold walk in the wet Franklin Park woods. Suddenly, our chilly apartment feels toasty. Thank you wool. Thank you slippers.