Best day today: Harvesting (NapaLettuceHakureiArugulaChardKale), Sorting peppers by blush, Tractor maintenance.

Before we head to Poughkeepsie: Label all those jars of preserves, Dishes, Birthday invitation, Send land criteria to G., Email O.G., Tickets to Washington…

Visiting a potential site for the Compost Coop with G. earlier this evening.  Wild clouds passing by.

Growing food up in the sky. Growing food up in the sky. Growing food up in the sky.

Harvesting in hoodies, Picking concord grapes, Imagining a September full of preserving projects: Salsa, More Tomato Sauce, Frozen Kale, Dilly beans, Grape preserves. Time to add another quilt to the bed.

Dinner: Sauteed Chard, Rice, Zucchini Dill Muffins & a sliced Taxi Tomato.

Cucumbers, Dill, Sage, Summer squash, Red cabbage, Lettuce, Chard, Kale, Scallions, Purple potatoes.

Snow peas, Chard, Summer squash, Broccoli, Scallions, Kale, Lettuce, Radicchio, Cabbage, Radish.

Weekend Chores at the Farm: Picnic blanket, Apples, Knife, Thermos of coffee, Notebook, Books, Roasted Vegetables, Salad dressing, Salt, Mending project.

This isn’t about revenge. Its about moving forward. Its about the long view. Its about continuing to build communities of support around a new kind of regional food system that meets everyone’s needs. Its about collaboration. Its about finding a role in that system that fit my brain, heart & body, without being daunted by a challenge. Its going to be a challenge.

In recent years, I’ve stuck to growing seedlings in the greenhouse at work, not messing with seed starting at home. Today I broke the trend. Growing a few unusual seedlings under grow lights that I may not be able to find anywhere else: valerian, loofa, rapini, boston marrow squash… I don’t have any greenhouse trays at home, so I drilled holes in some take out containers. Thanks J. for saving the boston marrow seeds. They’re in cowpots so they can go right in the ground. There’s over a foot of snow outside, but spring is on its way.

Flashback to last spring while dreaming of the coming weeks. Time to start seeding in the greenhouse!


Confusion. Big decisions about work for the coming seasons. What to do next? 

Full brain, enchiladas, woozy dog, clean teeth, freezing air, crusty snow. That tingle that you may be sick. Dreaming of collective farms. Dreaming of open space around me. Accidentally saying those dreams out loud and hearing someone behind me say, “Oh, yeah? Me too.”

Best use of my time/brain/muscle?