April: Lend a hand on X’s farm, Plant community garden plots, Feeling of openess at home (one less couch, switch table, culling, chest for work clothes, store winter coats), Eat last of storage crops (apples, beets, turnips, potatoes, shallots…), Massage, Haircut, Add compost to front yard, Plantings around the mary statue out back, Finish business plan, Trade books with neighbor, Letters (Grandma, R.C., Nana), Stretch, Keep lifting weights, Build fires in the evening… BRIGHT LIGHTS HERE WE COME.



Chillier: Laundry, Coffee & Cereal, Internet, Dog Walk, Look for signs of Spring, Poodle haircut, Bike to Gym, Lift Weights, All the other things… Photo: Siberian Squill, Thanks for teaching me this one, KC.


Today its going to be FIFTY DEGREES. This is a revelation. I am suddenly capable of so much. I am going to do so many things, including: Stretch, Laundry, Unpack, Start flower seedlings, Pre-sprout ginger, Straighten, Compost, Bike across the river, Bank, Eye store (yes, again, it was closed)

Started it off with: Riling up with poodle in the backyard, Earl grey, Rice pudding, Driving my lover to the train.

MON morning: Muddy back yard, Shower together, Earl grey, Cereal+Raisins+Coconut, Lifting weights, Sauna at the y, Oil up Computer

MON afternoon: At Home {A spell for E’s garden plot, Laundry, Compile farm business plan, Start seedlings, Eat, Finalize prison garden calendar} Out & About {Eye store, Hardware store, Groceries}

Pre-Season: Sprout ginger, Start flower seedlings, Prep community garden plot, Schedule massage, Prep seed potatoes, Start hot pepper seedlings, Wood chips, Lift weights, Make bath salts/oils for sore muscles, Monitor the fig tree.

Research: Fleet of machinery for dried bean production, Right tractor for farm-scale composting, Turmeric?, Compile farm business planning fragments into a single working document.

To Buy/Find in the basement: That book on organic bean/grain production, New England Veg Management Guide, Knee pads, Potting mix, Organic fertilizer for the fig tree, Flower seed, Organic ginger, Wood Chips, Seed trays, Fish emulsion, Kelp meal, Rain gear, Glue to mend rubber work boots, Small Farm Equipment, Digital watch.

Ate a huge bowl of oatmeal (with last summer’s strawberries). Lifted weights. Sweat it out in the y sauna. Finally cut that frozen bike lock & bought a u-lock. Gave the bike a tune-up & gold bar tape. Time to plan a “soil care strategies” workshop. Tonight: Driving to Brooklyn with ottorumbles?

Sometimes is has to be on paper. 

Snow & gusty wind. Had trouble closing the front door when the poodle & I went out this morning. Feels like January. Sounds like trees are going to come down.

Wednesday: Herbs continued, No coffee, Breakfast, Meditate, Draw calendar of the weeks until farm work is full-time, Send photo of our xmas tree to H., Plan soil care strategies workshop. Possibilities: Postcards, Cull clothing, Farm business planning

Flaxseed oil, Ginko, St Johns Wort, Lemon Balm, Weight lifting, Drinking tea in the cold sunshine with a poodle by the frozen fire pit, No Coffee

Goals: Hopeful, “In time”, Open eyed.

In the backpack: Thermos of lemon balm tea, Green notebook, Planner, Wallet, Phone, Inhaler, Granola bar, Keys, Pen, Seed catalogues, Garden planning books. 

Tuesday: Sleep hard, Drive love to work, Poodle, Tea, Cereal, Meditate, Wear more wool, Call Christine, Prison Garden planning meeting in Somerville, Drive to RI, Earthcare Farm tour, Ignore the wintery forecast, Pizza

In the backpack: Thermos of tea, Phone, Wallet, Inhaler, Addresses, Green notebook, Red notebook, Pen, Hmong essays, Planner, Apples, Granola bars, Computer, Atlas

Monday Morning: Radio, Poodle walk, Coffee, Reading with breakfast, Bank, Drive lover to train.

Choices: Public Library, Wool all over my body, The God of Small Things, Call Earthcare, Call Franklin Park Coalition, Email K. & M., Farm Zine Planning in a sunny spot, Mail postcard, Gift for J., Weight lifting & sauna, Framing workshop, Make pizza dough, Visit a greenhouse…

On hiatus to write lists on paper.


Waiting for the Blizzard: Diner breakfast, Groceries, Wrapped up in a robe, Spice organizing, Darning, Records, Dry apples, Sort books, A letter, Elderberry, Cover myself with knit clothing & read Heart Mountain.

Or: Write a letter, Organize the pantry, Linens, Mend clothing, Decorate the spot where I sit to meditate…

Thursday. Snow still falling. Low energy. Another farm job interview tomorrow. A month+ of interviewing. The poodle ran and ran and ran in the snowy woods this morning. Accumulating balls of ice on the fur on his belly. He raced and raced until he found me laying (in my snow suit) on a fallen tree. Ways to feel more light/to feel hopeful/ to feel a sense of moving forward: Make elderberry syrup, Gym, Workout in my house, Make a farm zine, Plan a party…